Introduction to the Uberworld Campaign Universe

Uberworld is a collaborative gaming universe using the HERO System. It is a place where individual games can play along in a shared background, drawing on other people's ideas without having to overly compromise on individual creativity or direction.

Uberworld is made up of players, gamemasters, lurkers and a whole host of volunteers; although there is no single person overseeing the entire universe. 

We are all neighbours here in Uberworld, and like any good neighbour there are people ready to help out when needed, or to stay away if required.

The philosophy of Uberworld is that people can work together to add to the existing world and define its past, present and various possible futures.  New ideas are generally accepted unless they contravene an existing idea and the focus is on increasing the playability and inclusiveness of the world. 

Everyone connected to Uberworld really enjoys creating stories and ideas, and they have enjoyed the experiences of pbem games.  Everyone comes here willingly and can use their experiences here to balance their lives and experiences beyond the internet. 

Uberworld is a game. 

Enjoy yourselves.