While he does work full-time as a high school teacher, raises three kids (or two kids and an adult now) and strives to make regular meet-ups with his writing muse, Ben also does the occasional appearance or presentation at events around the State. See below for a list of what’s coming up or recently been. And, as always, send him a message if you’d like him to come your way - or just follow him on the socials!



Whether it’s throwing words at the page during brainstorming sessions or fine-tuning a paragraph after a critique-reading, there’s always something going on in the writing room. Every morning, Ben rolls out of bed to follow his writing regime - often accompanied by Lucy the Beaglier. Below is a snapshot of what Ben’s currently up against in his quest to get more writing out there, by hook or by crook. Feel free to send him questions or encouragement via the socials!



Saviour. Destroyer.

What if you could un-make the world?

When an ageing crime lord goes missing in the streets of Melbourne, Dan Galkin finds himself pulled into a web of mad scientists and death cults. But it’s the ‘normal’ parts of his world that need the most attention as Miranda Brody returns and he becomes the last hope for a bunch of wild uberhuman teenagers.

Meanwhile, Halo is willing to sacrifice everything to get his own second chance at life. With the ability to break into the minds of anyone who looks into his eyes, Halo is the keeper and abuser of secrets. And the biggest secret is almost impossible to believe - looking into the near-dead eyes of a madman, Halo has seen a place where uberhumans never existed. And if uberhumans never existed, then there is a chance that Halo’s mother might still be alive.

Halo might actually be able to pull it off, to change everything.

And he’s not going to let anything - or anyone - get in his way.




Lyona lives her life as an associate travel guide on a planet that’s scheduled for core conversion, which is a polite way of saying her planet is about to be destroyed for its core components. Its population is being evacuated by the government, while protestors march through the streets. It’s a chaotic time, but it’s been like that for eight years and Lyona has grown up in the shadow of her planet’s inevitable destruction.

Throw a runaway prince into the chaos of the planet, an accidentally stolen amulet containing the life-print of Lyona’s mothers, a bunch of inept pirate-cum-kidnappers and a ruthless corporate bounty hunter - and Lyona’s final days on her dying planet are anything but ordinary. Soon she finds herself caught up in events that will set the course of history for her planet, the royal family that governs everything and even the galaxy beyond.




Have you ever wondered what Darth Vader would do if he found himself in line at the express check-out of a supermarket and the person in front of him had more items that the 8 items or less limit?

Have you wondered what Elizabeth Bennett, Daenerys Targaryen or Tom Sawyer would do in the same situation?

This is a book about exploring characters in fiction: the importance they play in stories and how they can step out of the pages and even influence the way we see the world. By looking at a range of scenarios, readers (and writers) can imagine outcomes based on what we know of characters and get a better understanding of them and ourselves.

The tagline is Creating character and empathy through writing, and it is a resource for readers and writers alike. Chapters cover the importance of characters in fiction; the development of empathy through reading; scenarios based on genre; the development of character through a series of decisions (including the Hero’s Journey); an examination of choices not made (the alternate route); and a number of appendices with handy templates for readers and writers to use as they examine the characters they love (and love to hate!).