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Hero Round Table 2019

A Girl, A Car and Her Guitar

Earlier this year I presented at the Australian Hero Round Table, taking the opportunity to hear from inspiring people, including Mel Yeates.

When Mel was in 9, two of her friends were killed when a tree fell on their tent during a sudden storm. She went through years of depression, and didn't realise how bad she had been until she came out the other side. Depression and cancer are two causes close to her heart, and one day she decided to do something to raise awareness for these two causes. In 2017 Mel busked her way around Australia. She drove 35,000km, played more than 100 gigs and raised over $110,000 for beyondblue and Love Your Sister.

This is her story.

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Today is Empathy Day and as I started planning a blog post to reflect such an important event, I remembered Mel’s story. As well as being an incredible, multi-talented musician, Mel also shows what we can all do if we make a decision to change our lives.

Nobody told Mel to drop everything and travel around Australia.

Nobody told Mel they’d be there to support her along the way.

Mel’s journey shows that we can make major changes in our lives, and even if they’re a bit uncomfortable (“where am I sleeping tonight?”), they’re not insurmountable. Her journey also shows us that there are people out there who will provide support, whether that’s a handful of coins outside a shopping centre or a place to stay, whether it’s help fixing a car or someone to share a meal and a story.

Mel says: “Enjoy your sunsets and your sunrises.”

Sometimes we get too caught up in the chaos and continuous clutter of our lives. We can forget that we’re part of a wider community. Listening to Mel’s stories and her songs you can re-connect with that communal spirit.

Sharing connections and perspectives is part of empathy.

Feel free to share your own story below!


What is the Hero Round Table?

Often called the TED Talks of heroism, the Hero Round Table teaches people how to be more than a bystander. From their humble beginnings in Michigan to their global series on three continents and counting, attendees have gone on to do amazing things.

Most importantly, the Hero Round Table has created a worldwide community dedicated to practicing heroism. They have spurred academic research on what makes people do heroic things.

We spread a simple idea: that you have the power to make a change when it matters most.

Hero Round Table

To find out more information on The Hero Round Table go to their website or Instagram.


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