Anatomy of a Blog

Part of starting a blog is deciding on its purpose, content and publication schedule. It's important to set realistic goals, of course, but it's equally important to make those goals aspirational as well. You should stretch yourself so that the blog starts working for you. In the case of writers, setting up a blog and sticking to a publication schedule can help with maintaining a solid work ethic. Writing is writing, and while a blog post on the new directions of science fiction might not be your magnum opus, it's great practice for maintaining a writing routine, it also helps promote you as a thinker as well as a writer, and it can help connect you to readers and experts in the field.

I've included a posting schedule and the six categories of my blog below to show how I have set myself realistic and aspirational goals. Come along on the blog-ride and help keep me honest.


The blog will publish new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June 2019. It will be a mix of styles and content, although they will all tie into the blog’s central tagline: “a blog about reading, writing and the superhero life”.


The categories include:

  1. Conversations

  2. Reading

  3. Reviews

  4. Roleplaying Games

  5. Writer’s Life

  6. Writing


These will be conversations between two or more people on issues surrounding YA Fiction, writing and reading. The people involved will include writers, readers and experts in their fields.

Upcoming topics include: ‘Disability in Science Fiction’, ‘Researching History for Fiction’, and ‘Implications of a Superhero World’, as well as author discussions and collaborative book reviews.

If you’d like to suggest a topic or offer to become one of the conversationalists, contact us via email.


These posts will be about the discoveries and ideas around reading, whether it’s through fiction or non-fiction, and even film and graphic novels. It will include discussions on genre, literacy, education and reading groups.

There will also be regular light-hearted posts on different readers’ recommendations such as ‘Five Books That Made You Cry’, ‘Five Books That Every Australian Should Read’ and ‘Five Books That Made You Want To Be A Better Person’.

If you’d like to suggest a topic or offer to become one of the contributors to a ‘Five Books…’ post, let us know via email.


These will be book reviews on a range of newly published and older books, as well as the occasional film or TV series. The reviews will feature a single title or be a burst of micro-reviews around a genre or theme, such as ‘Zombie Fiction’ or ‘Books Inspired by Pride and Prejudice’.

If you’d like to suggest a title or if you are an author or publisher and would like the blog to feature your title, send us an email. At the moment, we are being very selective in the titles we review - our TBR list is (like most readers) getting out of control!

Roleplaying Games

Whether it’s a discussion on the benefits of roleplaying games or an exploration of specific games and systems, these posts will look at the three key areas of interest in when it comes to RPGs: empathy, engagement and education.

These posts will also be beneficial to writers, especially in the areas of character creation and development, as well as world-building and the structure and running of scenarios.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a part of an interactive post around roleplaying games, whether it be a Skype chat or game session, or perhaps a fun character creation activity, send us an email.

Writer’s Life

This category covers all of the exciting, surprising and mundane aspects of being a writer, while also juggling the responsibilities of being a father and high school teacher. It will cover light hearted topics such as inspiration for writers as well as ideas about publishing, practicing the art of writing, dealing with criticism and praise, as well as public events and anything else that pops up in the life of a writer.


I will feature short stories or extracts from my writing in this category, as well as ‘Behind the Story’ posts which explore the writing process and circumstances surrounding the story.

If you’d like to ask a question about any of my writing to my writing process, send an email and we’ll try to incorporate it into a future post here.

Remember to check back into the blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see something new. We’d love to see comments and hear from you. And, of course, sign up to the newsletter below for further updates on my writing.


A blog about reading, writing and the superhero life.