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Ben Langdon’s stories reflect the collision between the extraordinary and the ordinary. His short stories have been short-listed for the Chronos Award (Forget, To Live and The Scoundrel’s Wife), as well as appearing in several publications. He has edited two neo-pulp short story anthologies (This Mutant Life and This Mutant Life: Bad Company) and completed his first novel, The Miranda Contract, as part of his Masters in Professional Writing at Deakin University. He co-wrote his second novel (The Adventures of Charlie Conti) with his daughter, Eliza Langdon, and added an extra dimension of storytelling by collaborating with illustrator, Loren Olsen.

All of his stories inhabit the same shared-world - it looks a lot like our own, but with the added bonus of uberhumans. This approach is set as a tribute to the Marvel Universe which was the sandpit of Ben’s imagination during his teenage years, where you’d mostly catch him reading X-Men comics when he was supposed to be studying high school. With a bit of irony, Ben turned out okay and became a high school English teacher - a career he has been enjoying for the past sixteen years at schools in Portland and Geelong.

Ben has presented at OzComic Con, the Hero Round Table and the Kang O Meerteek Writers Panel on issues such as reflecting diversity in superhero fiction, representing the local and universal in writing about place, the importance of identifying self in characters and the positive effects of reading for young readers and adults.

Imagination brings out the very best and very worst of people. As an author, Ben Langdon, seeks to harness the optimism and potential of his readers and to encourage them to step inside the lives of his characters. You can purchase his books below, read along with his blog or contact him via email, Facebook or Twitter.